Work from anywhere | As a creative director & photographer

If you do follow my instagram will definitely know that I am travelling most of the time. Here come the curiosity:

“How do you funded your travel?”
“How do you manage your business if you’re travelling that much?” 
“Do you travel and work?”


“WORK FROM ANYWHERE” is the approach I am experimenting or in another common term “DIGITAL NOMAD”.

How I manage my business from anywhere?

A LAPTOP AND INTERNET, the first and most important element that allow me to communicate with my team back in office and as well clients across destinations.

Second, THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND TEAM who able to back you up from time to time. I meet them five times a month for sync up and the rest of the time we communicate and works over digitally.

Third, travelling allowed me to explore new business opportunity out of Malaysia.

work from anywhere

The challenges of work from anywhere?

There’s only one and biggest challenge I had working from anywhere is “DISCIPLINE”.

So, in order to keep myself discipline, I set the working hours and my own rules so that I could stick to it.

** sometimes I might lost from the track too **

work from anywhere

Airbnb is a great choice

I’m a person who enjoy comfortable living space or working environment.

Airbnb definitely my choice and most importantly, it’s available everywhere I travel to (I only stay in hotel when I’m working with that hotel property)

airbnb for work from anywhere

The best part of work from anywhere

1. Like I said, travel and work from anywhere allow me to experience new culture, meet new people and explore new business opportunity.

2. It’s a great method to stay out of your own comfort zone.

3. Increase productivity and creativity! It helps on me especially whenever I need inspiration for creative works.

4. WE ONLY LIVE ONCE, why limit it!

I hope you enjoy this and if there’s anything you like to share with me, please do not hesitate to comment below.


I’m a photographer and creative director currently travelling around Asia to assist some of the best Corporate, Industrial and Hospitality brand / business in producing audience engaging contents. RING ME UP if you like to explore more of our service.

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