The Visual Content that works for Hotel audiences

If you do follow most of my hotel photography, you would realise I included humans and peoples in most of my shots.


hotel photography

Experience Matter

A big bed, big room or fancy amenities are no longer the main attractions for the hotel's audience. But experience does! The visual content should able to speak a direct message to the audience "WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE HERE".

Life Lesson: I still remembered it so well in the early days of my career, there’s one hotel manager ever told me this “Your photography works are complete rubbish to me, only pictures with a big bed and wide room will let me sell more”

How true it is? I guess nobody knows. 
But it’s what I believe had led me to serve some of the best hotels across Asia.

hotel photography

Experience Matter Again

A great hospitality experience starting from great customer service. So, how to show your great customer service? Yes! Let your best people assets smile to the camera.

Tell them you care about each detail

A complete setup meeting room is great to show the capacity of the space. But, how could you able to tell the audience you're different because you care every single detail. Yes, you're right! A human connection in the visual content will able to speak this well.

Shanghwan - Photographer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

About Shanghwan

Since 2015, SHANGHWAN and his team travelling across Malaysia and Asia to produce visual storytelling photography and videography for some of the amazing corporate, industrial and hospitality brands.