Video with Galaxy Note 10 – Are You Bold Enough to Go Back to Basic

Are you bold enough to go back to basics?

Are You Bold Enough to Go Back to Basic | Short Video with Samsung Galaxy note 10
"From the book: Start Where You Are - Chris Gardner"

Over my 7 years of career allows me to own some of the best professional equipment to produce quality creative works for my clients.

And, sometimes I am over-relied on the capabilities of what the equipment could provide and forgotten the joy of producing a piece of creative work.

Until this one moment came to me and bring me back to basic.
My buddy Travis texted me and invite me for a challenge to create a video/film about one item we could found at home.

I accepted this challenge, and I begin with my usual pre-production routine:
the flow of the story, the message to deliver over the story, audience impact, framing and movement and what equipment to apply… Wait A MINUTE!…
that is the moment I remember all of my camera equipment is locked in my office.

The only CAMERA I had is a mobile phone, a Galaxy Note 10 and the only LIGHTING I had is a WINDOW.

So, everything back to basic.
I produced this short video with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Window. This video story is about remind everyone stays home now for a better future:

This has just reminded me of the old days when I first approach photography without much technical concern and what camera, what lens to use. It is purely just the creativity and joy.

Instead of a Challenge, I took it as a lesson to remind myself and every creator out there:

“A tool will never be great unless it is fully utilised in the right way.”

Let’s check it out on my buddy Travis YouTube Channel too! A talented Event Manager and upcoming YouTuber!

Produced a video with Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the story is to remind people’s stay home now for a better future during the pandemic.

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