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8THREE officially turn 2! Here’s A little fun fact how 8THREE name were created. The name was inspired by two numbers that mean a lot to me personally. I’m born in a Chinese family and people’s been asking me that is it because the LUCKY numbers in Chinese culture? NOPE! Let me explain a bit why does… Read More

Workshop & Sharing in INTI University

Since 2016, I put myself on a mission. To be a speaker and trainer in conducting talks and workshop, in Portrait photography and creative business development. Somebody might ask “Why do I do so?” My purpose is simple, I like to guide the newcomer on the right path to kick start and build their business…. Read More

An Upcycling Fashion Project | Behind The Scene

This is a project that we been working hard for months to make it happen. It is an upcycling fashion project that design and crafted by the Kong sisters (Rachel & Emmy). I am responsible for art direction and portrait photography for each of the fantastic art pieces. Besides that, we had the cool branding… Read More