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8THREE officially turn 2! Here’s A little fun fact how 8THREE name were created. The name was inspired by two numbers that mean a lot to me personally. I’m born in a Chinese family and people’s been asking me that is it because the LUCKY numbers in Chinese culture? NOPE! Let me explain a bit why does… Read More

Portrait Photography | Evangeline Long

” A portrait photography is not complete without A true personality and Story. “ This is my core belief that injected into each of my portrait photography works. It also shapes how I visual storytelling the character and personality of each business leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s my pleasure to produce this series of portrait for… Read More

Do you really need a mentor?

“Do you/I really need a mentor?” Recently in a sharing session with a group of creative students, this question got my attention and I think it’s an interesting topic to share with all of you. At least I know I did struggle with this question during the inception of my business career. Here’s my story… Read More

The meaning of portrait photography

** some of the pictures I shot since 2007 From where I started Since I was a kid, I’m a stories lover and I love stories of great people’s, heroes, leaders especially ancients leaders and basically HUMAN stories. I believe this is the main reason what leads to me start photographing people’s portrait and I… Read More