Turning Passion Into Income? The Truth They Forget To Tell

I believe it’s no stranger to anyone about “YOU SHOULD TURN YOUR PASSION INTO INCOMES”.
At least that’s a common statement and motivation I found from different motivator and coach.

Yes, enthusiasm and passion is definitely a great place to start.
Soon, after first year of my “PASSION ADVENTUROUS” I realised Passion alone it’s not enough to sustain a business for long term.

“Do they just forget to tell me something?… I believe so.”

TURNING passion into income
**DISCLAIMER: This is completely from my experience and lessons I learned over the years.

Not Just Passion Alone

It’s good to start with passion, but just can’t rely on it alone.

Within first year in my business journey, very soon I found that living by passion alone wasn’t enough and sometimes it’s the “PASSION” that blinded me on those potential downsides.

Here are some of the components that were missing from the inception:
1. Understanding the audience in my business market and how to grab attention.
2. The importance of sales and how to drive in sales.
3. The discipline that stick me towards each goals.
4. Remember the purpose why I started all these.
5. A right mentor or buddies who share my passion and vision.


WHY AM I Sharing all these?

Isn’t I’m A photographer or visual creator?
Why am I sharing all these business related?

Because, I’m delivering a visual solution that assist businesses and others in need through the my skill and the skill of my team. Isn’t it A BUSINESS TOO?

I’m sharing these because I hope through my experience and journey would able or hopefully it will inspire and help others who like to persuade their dream.

Especially in creative and photography business.

Shanghwan - Photographer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

About Shanghwan

Since 2015, SHANGHWAN and his team travelling across Malaysia and Asia to produce visual storytelling photography and videography for some of the amazing corporate, industrial and hospitality brands.