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How to be productive while working from home

“Work from home.”  I am sure it’s no longer a stranger word to the world now. Due to the pandemic, state of emergency, lockdown, movement control order, or whatever you named it, most of the company is implementing work from home for their employees.  It is happening to me. I am now working from home,… Read More


“When I secured the first sales meeting, I was all in to prepared the most impressive super-duper long presentation slide and speech just to showcase ALL I CAN. Hopefully, this will impress the prospect and got me the job.” In real fact, one the sales meeting day itself, I can’t even finish the 7th slide… Read More

Turning Passion Into Income? The Truth They Forget To Tell

I believe it’s no stranger to anyone about “YOU SHOULD TURN YOUR PASSION INTO INCOMES”. At least that’s a common statement and motivation I found from different motivator and coach. Yes,¬†enthusiasm and passion is definitely a great place to start. Soon, after first year of my “PASSION ADVENTUROUS” I realised Passion alone it’s not enough… Read More

Do you really need a mentor?

“Do you/I really need a mentor?” Recently in a sharing session with a group of creative students, this question got my attention and I think it’s an interesting topic to share with all of you. At least I know I did struggle with this question during the inception of my business career. Here’s my story… Read More