The meaning of portrait photography

** some of the pictures I shot since 2007

From where I started

Since I was a kid, I’m a stories lover and I love stories of great people’s, heroes, leaders especially ancients leaders and basically HUMAN stories.
I believe this is the main reason what leads to me start photographing people’s portrait and I believe a portrait of themselves are the best way to tell their stories.

I owned the first camera during my university time and I begin to get out to the street and start photographing from random strangers to peoples around me and sometimes myself.

Whenever I look back these photos, tons and tons of memories flash back that made me tears down.

corporate portrait

It happened without intention

I love about stories not only changed my life, also got me the opportunities.

2015, I decided to be self-employed “Entrepreneur-to-be” and I thought the best way for me to understand the success and failure stories of other entrepreneurs is to photograph them.

I reached out businesses, corporates and entrepreneurs just to get the chance to photograph them. I took each opportunity to ask all sort of question from their personal stories to the business success and failure.

Know what, this simple approach turned into a magical secret of how I produce visual storytelling portrait for each of them and there’s a strong personality in each of the portrait photography

A simple statement from me: 
“A portrait picture is not about how beautiful it is, but how impactful it is”

I’m a photographer, creative director and entrepreneur currently travelling around Asia to assist some of the best Corporate, Industrial and Hospitality brand / business in producing audience engaging contents. RING ME UP if you like to explore more of our service.

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