Take A Break and Think | Business Talk 2

“YES! I’m taking a break”

As an entrepreneur and photographer, I always thought non-stop hustle is the right way.

In the end, everything BURNT OUT.
It repeated countless times in the first 3 years in business before I figure out this.

In Business Talk episode 2, I’m sharing why as an entrepreneur or A photographer, you should “Take A Break and Think”
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (2012) Hardcover A book that inspired me during this period.
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You need to have a conversation with yourself, here’s the list of question that worked for me:

1. What I had achieved in the past?
2. What is my goal? And Am I still align with it?
3. What are the current difficulties and problems that I had “List it all out”
4. What is the potential solution to avoid or resolve the problems?
5. What do I want to achieve in time to come?
6. Forecast of the achievement, it can be in the monetary or certain level of progress.

It can be monthly, every three months, six months or even once a year.
Every six months works the best for me, to evaluate the past six months and to forecast what I should achieve in the next six months.
It’s up to your personal preference.

Nice and comfy hotels or resorts are definitely my best choice.
No phone, no emails, no social media, only me and myself enjoying the “ME TIME” to take a break and think.

What’s coming up?
I’m providing coaching and training for creative business and photographer on:
– How to brand your business with A story.
– How to win high ticket clients and demand for the price that your worth.

If you’re one of them in South East Asia, get in touch with my team at hello@shanghwanphotography.com and we shall talk soon!

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