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The struggles I went through as an entrepreneur

“Being an entrepreneur is so COOL!” “I’m now my own boss, I don’t answer to anyone” “I have more freedom now”  “I will be rich by being an entrepreneur” Sounds familiar? It is to me and that’s my thought when I first started my so called “ENTREPRENEUR LIFE”. Coming into the 7th year of my… Read More

Take A Break and Think | Business Talk 2

“YES! I’m taking a break” As an entrepreneur and photographer, I always thought non-stop hustle is the right way. In the end, everything BURNT OUT. It repeated countless times in the first 3 years in business before I figure out this. In Business Talk episode 2, I’m sharing why as an entrepreneur or A photographer,… Read More

Portrait of Entrepreneur | Bryan Chen | Branding Expert

Branding expert is whose shape A brand by giving it behavior, personality and story. I had the privilege to photograph the entrepreneur portrait profile of Bryan Chen, a branding expert and founder of Xing Creative, who shape your brand to get “WOW!!” for the long time. In order to feature his unique character, we bring… Read More

Portrait of Entrepreneur | Emmy Kong | Soft Furnisher

Portrait of Entrepreneur, we have Emmy Kong, Soft furnishing Specialist base in Kuala Lumpur. She is a real passionate with Muaythai and travel. I always love to create the visual of entrepreneur / people with things or activities they love. For this session, she is performing a high kick with her working attire (With high… Read More