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The Truth | Start from Zero

This is a story I shared in most of my talks and sharing session:“I started my business 8THREE from zero capital and growth into A 6-figures creative business within A year. ** To be actual is 5 months and 13 days “How true this could be?”“BS, it’s impossible!”“No money, No business”   These might be… Read More

The mistake I made in my first startup

Everyone made mistake, So do I.In this blog, I’m going to share the mistake “BIG MISTAKE” that I made before I could growed 8THREE into A six-figures creative business within A year. The last day in office with my wife, one of the happiest moment finally let go this office. So.. what’s the mistake? and what did… Read More

The struggles I went through as an entrepreneur

“Being an entrepreneur is so COOL!” “I’m now my own boss, I don’t answer to anyone” “I have more freedom now”  “I will be rich by being an entrepreneur” Sounds familiar? It is to me and that’s my thought when I first started my so called “ENTREPRENEUR LIFE”. Coming into the 7th year of my… Read More

Take A Break and Think | Business Talk 2

“YES! I’m taking a break” As an entrepreneur and photographer, I always thought non-stop hustle is the right way. In the end, everything BURNT OUT. It repeated countless times in the first 3 years in business before I figure out this. In Business Talk episode 2, I’m sharing why as an entrepreneur or A photographer,… Read More