When I secured the first sales meeting, I was all in to prepared the most impressive super-duper long presentation slide and speech just to showcase ALL I CAN. Hopefully, this will impress the prospect and got me the job.”

Creative Entrepreneur Inspiration - STOP DOING THIS by SHANGHWAN, The entrepreneur, creative director and photographer

In real fact, one the sales meeting day itself, I can’t even finish the 7th slide and the manager stop me with frustration: “I’m not interested in going through your achievements, can you just tell me how could your solution help us?

This is a common mistake made by most of the creative startups and even myself back then.

Let’s stop doing this and here are what you can do:
** Disclaimer: There’s no right and wrong, but working well for me and my businesses.

Send in business/company profile before the first meeting

Instead of presenting during the meeting, I always drop-in our company profile along with the meeting confirmation email/text.

Here’s how I will write:
Good day Mr. Stanley,
I hope our company profile attached will be helpful for you and your team to understand more about us before the first meeting. On the meeting day, we shall focus on exploring the right solution to assist your business/company.

Do the homework

Google is my best friend!
I will research and study the prospect before the meeting:
– Who am I dealing with on the coming meeting?
– Who’s the founder or owner?
– What do they do and who’s their audience and competitor?

All this research would allow me to structure a series of the right question to ask during the meeting.

Ask, Listen and let them do the Talking

I don’t do the 30 minutes earlier laptop set up to the projector and ensure each slide run well anymore!

Instead, I only have a notebook and pen on the table most of the time. As I’m expecting the prospect had review through our company profile before the meeting.

Ask the prepared question, let the prospect tell you more about them and listen to the demand and problem! Sometimes I would skip the formal meeting room and request to take a tour around their office or facilities to grab the key requirements.

“Everyone wanna talk and nobody listening, Why don’t I be the listener and let them do the talking.” – This is the approach that secured most of the best deal I had.

I hope this sharing can be useful or inspired to you creative entrepreneurs and startups.

Let’s Stay tune for more!
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