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how to start photography business

“How do you start your photography business?”

“What should I do to start A photography business?”

“I’m so passionate about photography, should I turn it into a business?”

I’m definitely not the “GURU” to teach others how or “here’s the 101 tips you should follow” to start a photography business. Over the years of experiences, hustles and struggles, probably some of my personal take away below can be helpful to some of your out there.

Corporate Industrial Photography for Niitsu Turbo Technologies
Assignment for Niitsu Turbo Industries (Commercial)

Business is still A BUSINESS

Being a photographer and running a photography business is definitely not the same story. At the beginning, I just fancy about the romantic side of being a photographer.

BUT! A business is still A business … There’s hard work, bil to pay, pricing, negotiation, client expectation, hustle, grind and A LOT OF GUTS involved.

SO…. get your expectation right at the first place is important.

corporate portrait
Assignment for Entrepreneurs Portrait (Editorial)

Can't hide behind the camera

Hiding behind the camera will never works!

I’m spending most time out there on attending events, networking with other businesses, presenting and pitching to client, communicate with the production crew, coordinating the process .. and many more.

Assignment for Zenith Hotel (Commercial)

Focus on your strength

A serious mistake I made at the beginning 

“I CAN DO EVERYTHING” In fact, I screw up a lot! 

Know what you are good or strength, focus and master it. 

Assignment for Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

Be patient

The Great Wall of China doesn’t completed overnight.

I took 3 years of struggles, hardship and starting from the lowest end to achieve first recognition beyond Asia.

Any of above works for you, great! if doesn’t work no hard feeling 🙂

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