The Truth | Start from Zero

This is a story I shared in most of my talks and sharing session:
“I started my business 8THREE from zero capital and growth into A 6-figures creative business within A year.
** To be actual is 5 months and 13 days

start business from zero

“How true this could be?”
“BS, it’s impossible!”
“No money, No business”


These might be the statement running through your mind, MAYBE… Guess no further, and in this post, I’m going to share THE TRUTH about start business from zero.
**Disclaimer: This is not a right or wrong way, but the real story and experience how I started.


Yes, the actual key word here is LEVERAGE! Here’s the story:

When I failed out first business with a mountain of debts at my back, there’s definitely no way I could fund for a new business.
The most valuable thing left is my skills and one camera. Instead of giving up, I choose to go all out with whatever left with me:

First leverage:

I got to know that one of my ex-clients are looking for photographer and videographer to create visual content for tourism marketing purpose. Without further thinking, I compiled all of the travel related artworks I did in the past, call up one of my buddy Jason who’s good in video production (now the film director of 8THREE), put all the ideas into a proposal and pitched to my ex-clients.

With guts and little of luck, we secured the deal and with the down payment of the project, we funded equipments needed to complete the job and the start-up capital of the company.

Second leverage:

Within a month, we completed the first deal.
Our first website launched with the portfolio we had, I started to knock related industry like hotels and travel department door to introduce and pitch our idea to them. Very soon, we landed second and third deal.

How I knock? – Cold E-mail, Walk-in approach and LinkedIn

Third leverage:

That’s definitely a busy and productive months.

Soon I realised, door knocking one by one is not the most effective way.
With the fund received from completed deals, I started to explore into digital advertising and building up automate leads funnel that consistently generate leads and sales until today.

With the consistent efforts and hard works, we hit out first 6-figures at the 5th month.

THIS IS THE TRUTH I want to share with you! How I Start a business from zero.

If this inspired you and you wish to know:
“How do I built up a creative business?”
“How do I built an automate leads and sales funnel?”
“How do I close the deal more effectively?”

Drop me a DM in my INSTAGRAM and I will be happy to get in touch with you!

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