A smartphone camera changed my perspective | Photolog 8

2018 about to end soon.
Definitely a challenging and exciting year to me in both career and personal life.

It’s also a year that I travel more often than before.
If you are following my photolog and Instagram, you would recognize that I been using A smartphone camera for most of the non-commission works.
**Sometimes client do bought or comissioned some of the works that I taken with smartphone camera.

I HAD TO ADMIT THIS! My perspective changed!
** DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT PAID OR BIAS REVIEW, It’s my personal experience and sharing from a user of Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9!

A reliable camera system definitely my priority as a creative director and photographer.
Before this, I would “ABSOLUTELY NOT” put my trust in A smartphone camera until I received my first Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I give it a try during one of my commissioned trips and the first thought was capture some behind the scene for quick share over social media.
THINGS had changed from now on….

“MY PERSPECTIVE” All the technical concern being thrown at the back and allow me to only focus on the framing and the story content of the moment!
It just reminded me of those early days when I first pick up the camera without any technical knowledge and capture moment that touched me.

Photos from recent Japan trip took with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & 9

photolog 8 - Photography with Galaxy Note 8 photolog 8 - Photography with Galaxy Note 8

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