Portrait Photography By Shanghwan

portrait photography by Shanghwan

From a stories lover to photographing some of the most iconic and impactful people’s in Asia, this is my story.

Who is this for?

A visual storytelling Portrait photography are able to showcase your character and story to make others resonate with and want to conduct business with you.
This is suitable for individual Agents, entrepreneur, Business Executive and professionals who embrace personal branding.

portrait photography for businesses and corporate

How's the process?

Step 1: Send us your enquiry

Drop your enquiry at the enquiry form and tell us your ideas and preferred date/time.

Step 2: Get in touch & confirmation

We will get in touch with you within 3 hour with the price and further confirmation to set the date and venue.
Choice of Venue: Our studio / your comfortable space

Step 3: Photography Session

Shanghwan will have an ice-breaking session 15 minutes before the shoot to make you feel at home.

Step 4: Artworks Deliver

“WAAALA” It takes 5 ~ 10 working days to present you the final artworks.

Interested To Know More?

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“Malaysia” is our home and currently the visual team is serving Business, Corporate and Hospitality Brand around Asia.

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