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Over the years, I started multiple businesses and brands,
many went failure and probably the one that you still saw is the one that on-going.


This is the common TAG that peoples tend to stamp on your forehead if they knew about your failure.
Does it really matter?
branding for photography business
From my personal experience, “IT IS NOT A MATTER” even if there are only 50 bucks left in the bank account and worse is in debt.
This is one of the reason why I am starting “BUSINESS TALK” to share about the mistake and what works for me throughout my business journey.

Let’s talk about “BRANDING
Three key take away before start your photography/creative brand

1: A story that spark your brand
Take 8THREE for example. Peoples always curious and ask me why “8” and “3”?
Here’s the story:
Both number Eight and Three are my favourite character, it’s my life philosophy.

The number 8 like an infinity loop of life, we will never always be on stop neither stay in the bottom.
There’s WIN and LOSE in life journey.

The number 3 is a self-reminder, there’s always a better, smarter or greater person next to us.
Never stop learning and improving!

2: The niche & audience of your brand
8THREE is a visual production studio that specialised in commercial photography and videography for hospitality industry.
I do not believe in ALL I CAN DO.

3: The core values that communicate everything
We save your time for the need of Quality and Visual Storytelling Content.” Quality and visual storytelling is the core values that worship by everyone in 8THREE.
Identify your core values and make it into a statement that is easy understand and able communicate everything about your services.

Feel free to comment your question, I will share more in the next BUSINESS TALK!

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