What is Industrial Photography?

Frequent questions I got asked recently

“What is Industrial Photography?”

Industrial photography is a photography genre that specialised in producing visual storytelling photography contents that allow one business communicate with another by showcasing their industry process, capabilities, machineries and skills.

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“Does the industrial brand require Industrial Photography?”

Digital world is no longer a stranger to us and A business without digital appearance will slowly faded from the world. 

A visual storytelling content allowed the industrial brand to communicate and engaged with the potential audience effectively.

It’s definitely easier to explain the brand capabilities with visual rather words.

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“What should I tell industrial photographer I engaged for my business?”

Here’s my usual routine in handling each of the industrial client in Pre-production stage:

1. Schedule a factory visit or tour their facilities and as well having requirement study session with the management or person in charge to understand about the company.
Here are a few general topics we will go through:
1. The company history
2. The company products/services
3. The audience and marketing direction of the company
4. What’s the main force that driving the business forward, sometimes machinery, sometimes is the manpower.

2. Produce a mood board that allow clients to visualise and create expectation on the outcome of the visuals.

Here’s some of our Industrial photography collection

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