How to be productive while working from home

“Work from home.” 

I am sure it’s no longer a stranger word to the world now.
Due to the pandemic, state of emergency, lockdown, movement control order, or whatever you named it, most of the company is implementing work from home for their employees. 

It is happening to me.

I am now working from home, back to the spot where 8THREE started and where I use to work before moving in 8THREE new office.

YES, you are right! I use to be working from home, A small white table right outside my bedroom. Just only took me 5 seconds to mobilize from my bed to the working table. 

I am going to share some experience on how I keep myself productive while working from home.

how to be productive while working from home - Shanghwan 1
The space I started 8THREE
Set your working zone

It is good to establish an area/zone only for work and whenever you are not working, leave that space. This method will train our brain to stay focus on work whenever we are inside the work zone and not distracted by TV, Bed or something else. 

Advice: Set your working zone at a space that you will now spend your rest time or doing other leisure. 

Set your working schedule

One of the worst things could happen while working from home is unstoppable working hours. (Working long hours not necessarily being productive) It is always good to set when to work and when to stop.

Advice: You are good to go extra miles but make sure it doesn’t occupy your sleep or family time. I usually work from 7 to 7.

Leave home once a while

Working from home will create a good excuse to lock yourself at home. To balance this, you need to go out of the door, visit your clients’ meeting face-to-face, attend networking session or even take a break. Go outside and talking and meeting people. You never know if your next big opportunity just around the corner.

Advice: I will schedule 2 face-to-face meetings everyday to move out of the door.


DISCLAIMER: THIS DOESN’T APPLY DURING Movement Control Order period, please stay home!”

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