Sharing | How do I work in Portrait for Entrepreneurs and business leaders

A great honour to work with the Board of Global Bridge Capital

I had worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders for years, in creating portrait profiles that able to speak their identity.
How do I work in Portrait? Below is my personal experience that I love to give away:

1. Always before the shoot, I will do my homework about the person/company, what are the personal habits, company history or even colours that mean so much to the person/company. This is an important process because it allows you to understand your subject better, know what topic to go with during the shoot and pick right tones that showcase WHO THEY ARE.

2. Always know how much time you have for each shoot or each person, it’s always good to ask. It’s good to complete the setup before you get them into the frame.

3. When the person is nervous or numb, talk to them, distract their attention. The best topic is always asking about their achievement, career goal or even their proud moment. This method always works for me.

4. I always use single direction lighting with CTO gel, the dramatic contrast does give a kick on highlighting the main subject. Here’s the floor plan: