Amplify unique hospitality experience through visual storytelling!

Convert hotel, resort and villas hospitality experience into quality and visual storytelling photography content which resonates with your audience preference.

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SHANGHWAN – Hotel Photographer & Resort Photographer from Malaysia to South East Asia!

Area of Expertise

Aerial / Drone Photography
Exterior & Environment
Interior & Facilities
Lifestyles & Experience
Social Media & Marketing Contents


1. Drop your enquiry at the enquiry form below and tell us about your property.
2. We will get in touch with you within 2 hours to setup A formal meeting to further discussion about how we able to assist you with our solution.
3. Date of Production, Scope of Coverage and Location scouting once the project confirmed.
4. According to our experience, we spend 5 – 6 days for photography production to ensure we get the best of the best result.
5. “WAAALA” It takes 15 working days to present you the final artworks.



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