Why Hospitality Brand need to invest in social first content

Over the year, besides producing visual storytelling content for hotel, resort and villas brand to engage with their audience. I also consistently sharing with the brand owner the importance “SOCIAL FIRST” content.

What’s social first content?

Social First content is prioritise the social media factor while strategies and producing the content. I strongly believe social first is the most effective way to reach your audience in a crowded content world.


Because of the user’s online preference changing over time. As the growth of social media, user prefer to digest content that make them feel, especially visual storytelling content.

social first content for hotel and resort
Hakuunsou Onsen Resort Takayama
Let your audience FEEL..

You might be curious “HOW does A content able to make audience feel?”

A visual content are able to achieve that, especially the visual content with EMOTION.

Instead of reading through the specification of the room or what are the facilities available in the hotel property. An image that showcase the experience are able to trigger their desire easily and faster. In the business term “LEADS AND ROI”

“A picture worth a thousand words, A storytelling picture worth a million.”

Hotel and Resort Photography for Zenith Hotel Putrajaya - Social First Content
Dong Yuan Restaurant in Zenith Hotel
We found this works better for hospitality industries

Based on a data report shared by our digital agency partner, found that 65% of the potential hotel customer now a day will lookout for the content of A specific location or hotel through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Google to justify their booking decision.

Does it justify why hotel, resort and villa brand (YOU) need to invest in social first content?

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