My favourite destination in Japan for 2018 | Photolog 9

In 2018, I had the opportunities to visit Japan multiple times and here are my favourite destination that I think you must visit in Japan!

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All of the image are captured with: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Sony Alpha A7II

Osaka Shinsekai

Osaka Shinsekai

Shinsekai is an old neighbourhood located at Minami area. Full of great local foods and the best visit timing is at night! Like a city lighten up by fairy.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Park

A public park surrounded the Osaka Castle. The best visit will be sakura season


1 Chome Kabukicho

The entertainment area in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Highly recommend to visit during night time when the neon lights and billboard lights filled up the cities.

Tsukiji Fish market

Tsukiji Fish Market

It's a wholesales seafood and fish market. Now's it's more like a tourist must visit spot in Tokyo. You definitely able to find the best sashimi here

Takayama Old Town

Takayama Old Town

A small town that remain the architecture style of EDO period. Definitely a great destination for photo taking and most importantly, HIDA BEEF!



The heritage village and one of the UNESCO World heritage site. Well known for it's beautiful winter season and we are going back again during winter to witness the beauty