Fashion Portrait | The Bourgeois Ladder | An Upcycling Fashion Project

“Life is full of opportunities, Grab it, Make it another achievement.”
YES! I made another achievement, with a group of talented peoples.

The main intention of “The Bourgeois Ladder” fashion project to create social awareness on the importance of recycling. All the dresses and accessories are made by recycling material and cloth.

I had the privilege to convert each design into fashion portrait and we manage to hosted a photography exhibition at White Box, Publika.

Through this project, it not only able to prove to the public there is still potential in Malaysia art and creative industry. It also allows me to deliver the ideas off each portrait should able to speak a story or identity.


Fashion Designer: Rachel Kong & Emmy Kong
Branding: Bryan Chen @ Xing Creative
Creative director & Photographer: Shanghwan
Makeup & styling: Joylef, Joanne
Model: Kalai, Sammi, Coco, Ernest
Project Website:

Fashion Portrait

Behind The Scene


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Female Magazine Malaysia