The struggles I went through as an entrepreneur

“Being an entrepreneur is so COOL!”

“I’m now my own boss, I don’t answer to anyone”

“I have more freedom now”

 “I will be rich by being an entrepreneur”

Sounds familiar?

It is to me and that’s my thought when I first started my so called “ENTREPRENEUR LIFE”.

Coming into the 7th year of my business journey and these are the struggles and brutal fact that I went through.

1. Where is my “FREEDOM” ?!

At the beginning, I always think that I have more freedom because now I control my time. In fact, that’s not a “FREEDOM”. I’m spending longer hour working on getting new clients, marketing, accounting and even documentation.

2. It’s a lonely journey

 You will never be truly understood by others, that makes me feel isolated sometimes. In fact, when I achieved mine definition of success, it doesn’t really matter anymore. 

3. Chasing after what’s popular instead of what “I’m GOOD at”

At the beginning, I tend to be appearing in different businesses because I thought I could make a fortune by riding on the TREND WAVE. Well, it didn’t goes the way I thought It should but tons of failures. The true fact: Focus on what you’re good at and master it!

4. Passion Vs. Business

My passion in visual storytelling and love of photography is what put me into this business journey. But, it’s always the main struggles I always faced between my believe and what client want. Always remember: Exchanging your time and passion for money, it’s A BUSINESS!

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