Do you really need a mentor?

Do you really need a mentor? | Creative Business Talk By Shanghwan

"Do you/I really need a mentor?"

Recently in a sharing session with a group of creative students, this question got my attention and I think it’s an interesting topic to share with all of you.

At least I know I did struggle with this question during the inception of my business career.

Here’s my story and take away from 6 years of journey:

Can be YES and NO

It’s a YES and NO, very much on personal preference or choice. 

I do know someone who is capable and smart to be a lone ranger and still made great achievement.

What would be my choice? It’s YES.. A freaking big YES!
Coming from a software engineering background I definitely know nothing about business neither “WHAT’S MARKETING”. 

I will definitely love to have a mentor/person that I can seek for advice on problems and obstacles I met and potentially save me from all the bruises and bumps.

The GOOD of having a mentor

1. A mentor is able to provide encouragement and keep us going.

2. Mentor successes and failures is the best references.

3. There’s always A better view and perspective out of your business, the mentor is the best person to tell what to improve as we often can’t.

Who can be your mentor?

A mentor can be someone who had more experienced or knowledgeable in the same field as yours.

Or even a group of people who is like minded.
I’m lucky enough to meet my MENTOR”S” during the second year of my business career. What’s even better, they are a group of entrepreneurs experienced and specialised in different field/industry.

Yes, I’m referring to a business networking group – BNI (Business Network International). Everyone is the mentor for each other by lifting each other in business journey, this is how I managed to growth so much in 3 years time.

Are you looking for A Mentor or MENTOR"S"?

YES, I’m building a creative business mentoring group!
Drop me an email at or DM me in Instagram.
We are currently having once a month gathering for Creative Business Talk in Kuala Lumpur.