The corporate industrial photography | Photography by Shanghwan

stories can change the world, visual stories can touch the hearts”
I strongly believe that in this social media blooming generation, visual storytelling contents is the one that able to put a business into the audience attention.

A common question that I usually received from corporate industrial clients:
“We have no idea what to show to our audience”

8THREE working with corporate industrial brand across Asia since 2017.

I’m going to share about what are the important visual content that A corporate industrial brand should own and engage with their audience.

**All of the photography visual are commissioned works produce by SHANGHWAN.

Behind The Scene

corporate industrial photography in malaysia
To showcase the promises of quality and the hard work behind each great product/service.


corporate industrial photographer in Asia
Your potential audience definitely love to understand the technology and skill behind your amazing product/service.


Photography for Factory and Manufacturing
Visual storytelling definitely the most impactful way to showcase a brand capabilities.

Above the sky

Photography for factory and manufacturing
A creative way to present a brand scale from above the sky! The audience will definitely WOW with it.

Interiors & facilities

corporate industrial photography
A creative and effective way to tour your audience/prospect.

I hope with the sample visual sharing above will able to solved most of the corporate industrial business marketing officer or even the owners doubts about what are the elements will able to generate an impactful message to the audience.

I’m a photographer and creative director currently travelling around Asia to assist some of the best Corporate, Industrial and Hospitality brand / business in producing audience engaging contents. RING ME UP if you like to explore more of our service.

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