8THREE officially turn 2!

Here’s A little fun fact how¬†8THREE name were created.

The name was inspired by two numbers that mean a lot to me personally.

I’m born in a Chinese family and people’s been asking me that is it because the LUCKY numbers in Chinese culture?

Let me explain a bit why does 8 and 3 mean a lot to me.

Mine definition of number Eight:
8 looks like a standing infinity loop, it remind me that I will neither forever on the top peak nor at the deep bottom. Never be EGO when I’m on top and never give up when I’m at rock bottom.

Mine definition of number Three:
3 looks like two mountain side by side, it remind me that we are just replaceable when we stop learning and improving.

The future of 8THREE?

We are currently working on expanding our creative solution for corporate industrial and hospitality toward clients around Asia countries. At the same time, we also absorbing more passionate creative talent to be a part of 8THREE Family.

Shanghwan - Photographer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

I’m a photographer, creative director and entrepreneur currently travelling around Asia to assist some of the best Corporate, Industrial and Hospitality brand / business in producing audience engaging contents. RING ME UP if you like to explore more of our service.