PhotoLog 1: The amazing beauty of Germany - Rothenburg & Heidelberg

PhotoLog1: The amazing beauty of Germany – Rothenburg & Heidelberg

What is Photolog?
I always thinking about how can I share my travel experience.
There’s Blogging “Text and words”, Vlogging “Video” and why not Photography?
SO, I will start to share my travel experience through photography, ENJOY!

Wake up by the window and start our day with a cup of hot red tea, there’s a heavy snow fall last night.

Rothenburg Chirstmas market
First thing to do before we left Rothenburg is definitely visit Christmas market for some local food.
Rothenburg christmas market

Walking down toward the city church from city central hall, there’s border wall where you can experience the amazing scenery of the town.


We took a 3 hours ride from Rothenburg to Heidelberg for a quick dinner and definitely explore the beautiful scenery of this magical town.


Heidelberg Christmas

Heidelberg castle


Heildelberg Christmas market
We definitely love the Christmas vibe in Europe, especially Germany and Zurich.

That’s all for my first PhotoLog sharing, what do you think? Tell me in comment below.

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