Shanghwan - Professional Photographer and visual creator

“The visual storyteller”

Shanghwan, a Professional Photographer, Entrepreneur and Visual Creator based in Malaysia and travelling internationally.
Founder of DE8TINATI3N
Founder of Celestial Gallery

Since 2014, Shanghwan had been captured and witnessed the love of wedding couples from different continents and as well some of the most iconic business leaders.

Besides that, travel is always his passion and he is leading a team of creators, photographers, videographers and social media specialist, work with some of the best Brands, Hotels and Tourism board to create “Social First” content and visual storytelling that help them to generate a return through social media marketing.

Educator Experience

2014: Speaker for Samsung NX Academy Malaysia.
2016: Speaker for UCSI University sharing & workshops.
2017: Speaker for INTI University sharing & workshops.