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We love what we do, we passionate in capturing moment.
There’s laughter, smile and unexpected tears of joy in every occasion. We are here, to capture all these wonderful moments of yours.
These memories may fade away someday, but we believe the photographs we captured are the memories that will be cherish forever.
Let us create the magic that seal your memories.

*In order to maintain quality and thoughtful service throughout, limited booking available in a year. Exceptional availability extend will be considered for special request.

Schedule update of 2014: November & December < Full book >

Schedule update of 2015: May, June, October < Full book >



Malaysia wedding photographer, who specialize in wedding, pre-wedding & portrait. He travel across nation and different destination for photography assignments.

He is one of the appointed Samsung Imaging Trainer (Malaysia).

Vision: “He believe there is beauty in everyone, and this beauty can be found in the simplest moment. His mission is to capture this beauty by retelling the moments through photographs with a unique artistic style, to deliver timeless memories that are genuinely yours. “


Wing & Tina : bridal getting ready

*Slot available for 2015 Wedding day photography with Shanghwan is filling up, book your slot while by contact us at (Available world wide). We really had a good time during Wing & Tina wedding. Tina is a cheerful and humours bride, that make us non stop laughing throughout the whole ceremony.

Wedding of Thomas & Belinda @ Seremban

Photographer: Shanghwan & Jozzie. A week before their beach wedding reception, Thomas and Belinda had their Malaysia traditional wedding ceremony in Seremban, Malaysia. I’m not photographers that love about gatecrash session (Definition: The “Heng dai”[Grooms men] will faced a series of challenge from “Ji Mui”[Bridesmaid] before the groom could bring his bride away.). But is […]

Wedding of James & Chris @ Malaysia

September is a busy months, we are having 4 weddings assignments back to back on the following 2 weeks. Once again, it’s our pleasure to covered wedding of James and Christ. The big green grass field inside James villa house located in Kuala Lumpur were amaze us and decided to get them there for a […]

Europe Travel engagement portrait : Eric & Yanyee

The ideas of travel engagement portrait is getting popular today. The concept is about the couples can completely enjoy their travel journey while there is professional photographer along to capture all their precious memories. Today we had a very special sweet couples, no pretty gown, no luxury dress and they are seeking for completely “Malaysian” […]

Wedding of Steven & Eve @ Johor Bharu

Photographer: Shanghwan. First wedding assignment for 2014, I had been invited to stay with the bride and familys in country gold resort one day before the wedding day, it gave me opportunity to mix around with their family members and get them to be comfortable with my appearance. It’s really a fun and relax wedding […]

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Destination Schedule 2015

Engagement / Pre wedding / Portrait / Wedding

Feb 2015 – Angkor Wat, Cambodia (1 slots)


Apr 2015 – Penang, Malaysia (1 slot)


May 2015 – Melbourne, Australia (2 slots)


*Please contact us for more information about the package.


Mobile / Wechat / Whatsapp: +6016 915 4710

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James & Chris

James & Chris

Thomas & Belinda

Thomas & Belinda

Steven & Eve

Steven & Eve